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Assistant Curator
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Spencer Alexander, in period costume for historical portrayal.

Spencer Alexander is the Assistant Curator of the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum. He has held this position since 2002. He also does historical dramatic portrayals of prominent figures pertaining to the Underground Railroad and Canadian Black History as well as gives presentations to schools and other organizations in Canada and the United States. Spencer is a sixth generation Underground Railroad descendant and has done extensive research into his family history. His grandfather was a founder of the museum when it was established in 1967.

As assistant curator he gives tours and presentations to visitors, conducts genealogical research for those interested in discovering their family trees, assist university students and professors in their research into the history of the Elgin/Buxton Settlement, updates accession records, cares for the artifacts and documents housed at the museum following museum conservation and preservation methods. He also keeps tracking records of the visitors to the museum which are forwarded to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and our local tourism office.

Prior to taking the position at the Buxton Museum Spencer worked for two years as Coordinator of the Heritage Room in Chatham for the Chatham Kent Black Historical Society. From 1995 to 2001, he was a Union Steward at the Navistar Plant in Chatham. He has also worked as an installation and repair technician for Bell Canada, as a Quality Control Technician and as a Production Supervisor at the Motor Wheel Plant in Chatham.

Spencer has certificates in elementary psychology, managing for productivity, blueprint reading and service excellence to name a few.


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