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21975 A.D. Shadd Road
North Buxton, ON N0P1Y0
phone: 519-352-4799
email: buxtonhistoricalmuseum@gmail.com

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Updated January 2024 by Lori Gardner

Baby Steps To Freedom

Download Book: Baby Steps to Freedom (takes a minute to load)

Class visiting Buxton

Lesson 1: Timeline

Lesson 2: Dear John

Lesson 3: John's Family Tree

Lesson 4: Moving to Buxton

Lesson 5: An Interview

Lesson 6: Research Your Community

Lesson 7: Solve a Problem

Lesson 8: Story Map


It's time for you to make Buxton
your "next stop on the Underground Railroad"
to enjoy the hospitality and heritage of the community!
Prepare to be inspired...


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