The Bell Family

Anthony and Nancy Bell were both born slaves in the state of Virginia.  They escaped and moved to Pennsylvania, where they married.  They had three children when they lived in Pennsylvania, Lucy, Joseph, and Ellen.  Anthony worked on a farm and Nancy was a housekeeper.  Anthony and Nancy packed up their belongings and moved to Buxton in 1851, because they no longer felt safe in the United States. 

In 1852, Anthony put a down payment on 60 acres of land located on Lot 10 on Concession 8. They moved to their new home and farmed the land.  Anthony and Nancy had seven more children after they settled in Buxton, Margaret, Mary Jane, Hannah, James Richard, Nancy, and John. Anthony Bell died in 1872 and his wife, Nancy died a few years later in 1875 of a severe cold. 

John was only five years old when he became an orphan.  The Stockton’s, who were neighbours, raised John.  When he grew up, John married and remained in Raleigh for the rest of his life. Lucy married and moved to Michigan where she had a daughter. Margaret, Ellen, and Hannah found work as servants in other people’s homes and moved away from Buxton. James and Nancy went to live in Detroit with their older sister, Lucy. James worked as a dock hand and Nancy found work as a domestic servant. Hannah Bell lived near Buxton, and worked as a servant until she got sick and died.

In 1887, the Bell children sold the farm to Henry Stockton and moved away from Buxton for good.