The Black Family

Henry Colbert was born in New Orleans, Louisiana between 1826 and 1829. Little is known about Henry’s life before he came to Canada. We do not know if he was free or a run-away. One Census record tells us that he was a sailor. He arrived in Buxton in 1851.  In May of 1852, Henry put a down payment on Lot 12 at Concession 10. He built the cabin and cleared his land with the help of friends and neighbours.  In 1858, he finished paying for his land and received the deed.

Robert Black was born in Ireland in 1829.  The Black family were from the same county in Ireland as Rev. King’s family.  In 1858, Robert moved to Canada with his brother William. Robert bought 100 acres at Lot 12 on Concession 9, across the road from Henry Colbert.  The Jordan family was living on the land and they had already cleared 25 acres.  Robert and William moved in with Henry, who was single and helped him on his farm.  Although William bought property of his own and moved away, Robert stayed with Henry until his death in 1877.

Henry was not a healthy man.  In 1874, Henry Colbert wrote his Last Will & Testament and he named Robert Black as his only heir. In February of 1877, he bought thirteen acres (across the road from where he lived) from his friend Robert Black. On March 16, 1877, he sold his 50-acre farm to John and Eliza Anderson for $2,400.00. 

Unfortunately, Henry did not last long in his new house.  On October 2, 1877, he died of a ruptured blood vessel.  A month after Henry’s death, Robert married Jane Guy. He sold all his land and moved to the town of Chatham. Robert and Jane never had any children. In 1911, Robert died.  He is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham. In 1916, Jane died and she is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery.