The Brodie Family

Isaac Brodie and his wife Mary Ann were born slaves in Virginia. They escaped and made their way up to Ohio, where they could live in freedom. They married in Montgomery, Ohio. Their oldest child, John was born in Ohio. The family came to Canada, where their two younger children, Isaac William and Ann were born. 
The Brodie’s arrived in Buxton in 1851 and put a down payment on 50 acres of land at Lot 9 on Concession 10. They finished paying for their farm in 1866 and received their deed. Isaac was not only a farmer; he was also the local blacksmith.

John Brodie, the oldest son, did not move to Buxton. He stayed in Windsor and worked as a hostler (taking care of horses). Son, Isaac Jr. joined the Union Army during the Civil War and fought to end slavery. After the war, he married and moved to Ohio.  He died in 1871. Daughter, Ann died before her mother.

In 1869, Isaac Sr. was in a tragic accident - he fell out of his wagon, was run over and died. Mary Ann Brodie died in Buxton in 1872.  After Mary’s death, her son John Brodie inherited the farm and sold it to John Houston.