The Brown Family

Thomas Brown was born a slave in Kentucky in 1815.  Catherine was born in New York in 1823. They both made their way up to Ohio, where they met and were married. They settled down in Ohio and had four children: Margaret, William, Mary Elizabeth, and George.

In Ohio, Thomas was a farmer and owned a very large farm worth a $1,000.  Although they were free, they were not safe.  Thomas and Catherine decided to sell their farm and move to Canada. They arrived in Buxton in 1858 and purchased Lot 9 on Concession 8, just across the road from the Doo family.

In 1862, the Brown’s house burned down because of a problem with a stovepipe. Their oldest daughter, Margaret died in the fire. They lost everything in the fire. Thomas had to borrow money to rebuild their home and pay off their farm.

In 1865, Thomas repaid his loans and received the deed for the farm.  Not long after that, Thomas and Catherine were divorced.  In 1866, their daughter Mary Elizabeth who was sixteen years old married Franklin Hatter.  They settled in Buxton and had seven children. In 1875, their son George married Jemima Scott. He stayed in Buxton and had five children.

In 1866, Thomas, married Margaret Walker. Thomas and Margaret had three children - Charles, Charlotte, and Henry. 

Thomas Brown died in Buxton in 1889. Many of his descendants still live in Buxton.