The Burfitt Family

Norris Burfitt was born in 1801 and his wife Emily Morrison was born in 1811, both were born slaves in Virginia. They ran away, escaped into Canada West, and settled in the Niagara area. Their daughters, America and Emily, were both born in Hamilton, Canada West. They moved to Grimsby, Canada West, before coming to the Buxton Settlement. In 1851, Norris made a down payment on 50 acres of land at Lot 10 on Concession 9, where they built their home and farmed the land. By 1867, Norris had finished paying for his land and received his deed.

In 1861, Norris and his wife Emmeline settled in their cabin. Norris farmed and Emily took care of the house and their younger children.  James, Norris Jr., and Lucinda were going to school. 

Daughter, America married Richard Groce. America and Richard lived at Lot 8 on Concession 13 with their family. In 1865, a fire destroyed her home and four of their five children died. They rebuilt their home and had six more children. 

Daughter, Emily married Prince Chatham. They lived at Lot 11 on Concession 8. Daughter, Lucinda married Alexander Starks in Buxton and they had four children. Son, James also married. Son, Norris Jr. never married and moved to the United States, buying a farm in Michigan.  James eventually joined Norris Jr.  The Burfitt girls stayed in Buxton with their husbands, the Burfitt boys lived the rest of their lives in the United States.

In 1882, Norris Sr. died and was buried in the North Buxton cemetery. After his death, Emmeline lived with her son Norris Jr. in Michigan. When Emmeline died in 1890, Norris Jr. brought her body back to Buxton and buried her next to her husband.