The Crabtree Family

Abraham Crabtree was born in Kentucky in 1823. His wife Sarah was born in the United States in 1839. The Crabtree family moved to Buxton in 1858 and settled at Lot 9 on Concession 11. They purchased a small parcel of land from Reverend King near the Buxton Square. Abraham farmed his land and worked in the lumber mill. Abraham and Sarah had three children: Frances, James, and Lucinda. 

Sarah Crabtree died in 1869.  After her death, Abraham sold his land in Buxton and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana with his children. In 1872, Abraham married Amanda Latterby, a widow with two young sons.

In 1880, Abraham used the skills he had learned working in the mill in Buxton and as a lumber dealer in Indianapolis.  Abraham and Amanda had one child together, Abraham Jr.  His older children Frances, James, and Lucinda still lived at home. Frances helped her stepmother to care for the house and the younger children.  Lucinda was in school and James worked with his father in the lumber business. Living with them were Amanda’s two sons, George and Harry.

Abraham Crabtree died in Indianapolis in 1883.

The Crabtree family never returned to Buxton. Lucinda married and became a teacher in Indianapolis. Frances also married. James married and was widowed. In 1884, James married again, and had one daughter.