The Doo Family

Green Doo was born a slave in South Carolina in 1813. Green escaped to Indiana and learned to read and write. In Indiana, Green married Abigail Charles.  Green and Abigail Doo had thirteen children. William, Tamer Ann, Christiana, Minerva, John and Elijah were all born in Indiana. Lavina, twins Martha and Elisha, David, Mary, Solomon and James were all born in Buxton.
Green Doo and his family were among the first settlers to arrive in Buxton in 1849.  Green bought 50 acres on Lot 10 at Concession 9 and 50 acres on Lot 10 at Concession 8 in 1849.  He cleared and farmed his land.  In 1865, he finished paying for his farms and received the deeds. Mr. Doo was active in the community. He served as a trustee for both the B.M.E. Church and S.S. #13 school.  Green was also a member of Mount Carmel Masonic Lodge.
Only six of Green and Abigail Doo’s children lived to adulthood. Son, William, was widowed and remarried Julia Ann Munro (a young widow and the daughter of Joseph Laison). Julia’s mother was the town mid-wife and Julia helped her when she delivered a baby.  Daughter, Tamer Ann married James Ervin Steele in 1866 and they had five children. Daughter, Christiana married Abraham Collins and had four children. Daughter, Lavina married George Wilcoxson and they had one son. Son, James married Ida Robinson and lived in Chatham. He was as a carpenter by trade. He died in 1932 and was buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham.

Abigail Doo died in Buxton in 1893. Green Doo died in Buxton a few months later in September of 1893. Lavina and George Wilcoxson bought the family farm. They are buried in the B.M.E. Cemetery. The Doo family still has many descendants in this area.