The Fields Family

William Fields was a fugitive slave who escaped into Canada; he was forced to leave his daughter Mary behind. He was one of the first settlers of Buxton.  On December 7, 1849, he made a down payment on 50 acres at Lot 9 on Concession 8.  A few months later, he made a down payment for 50 acres more at Lot 10 on Concession 8.  Before 1859, William sold these farms and bought land at Lot 9 on Concession 9. 

William married Hardinah, a widow. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and she was Baptist.  He adopted her daughters, Mary Frances and Elizabeth Ann.  But, William never lost hope that his daughter Mary would escape and join him in Canada. In his Last Will and Testament, he left land to his daughter who was still a slave in the United States.  In 1859, William died. 

In 1861, Hardinah made the last payment for the land at Lot 9 on Concession 9.  In 1862, Hardinah married Joseph Williams. She died in 1869 and left everything to Joseph.