The Geals Family

In 1821, Leroy Geals was born in Pennsylvania and his wife Nancy was born in Virginia in 1817. Although, they lived free in Pennsylvania, Nancy and Leroy Geals moved to Canada in search of a better life. They first settled in Chatham, where Matilda, their first child was born in 1849. They moved to the Buxton settlement in March of 1851 and put a down payment on Lot 9 on Concession 9. While living in Buxton, Leroy and Nancy had William Henry, Margaret Jane, and Leroy Jr.  In 1861, Leroy Sr. died, before he was able to pay off the farm and get his deed. Nancy was left alone to run the farm and take care of her children.

It was difficult in those days to be widowed with young children.  Matilda, Henry, and Margaret Jane were going to school and little Leroy was just a toddler.  Nancy married James Green in 1862.  James was also from Virginia, and was a good farmer. In 1865, with the help of her new husband, Nancy was able to pay off her farm and get the deed. In 1869, James Green died and Nancy's son, (William) Henry Geals took over running the farm.

Daughter, Matilda married Richard Robinson. They had one daughter, Florence.  Son, Henry married Mary Jane Chase.  They had four children. Daughter, Margaret Jane married William Henry Garel and settled at Lot 10 on Concession 10. They had ten children.

In 1879, the Robinson family moved to Covington, Nebraska.  Son, Leroy Jr. moved with them to Nebraska.  Nancy sold the farm to John Houston and moved to Nebraska. By 1880, Henry and Mary Jane moved to Nebraska.

However, in 1881, Henry, Mary Jane and their two daughters (Harriet and Maggie) moved back to Buxton. They had two more children after they returned, Horace and Nellie.  Descendants of the Geal’s, still live in the Buxton area.