The Henry Family

Aaron Henry was born in Pennsylvania in 1820 and his wife Julia Ann was born in Kentucky in 1824. They lived in Ohio where four of their five children were born.  The Henry family came to Buxton around 1857 and settled at Lot 10 on Concession 8.

In 1859, baby Aaron was born in Buxton.  Sadly in 1861, Aaron Henry Sr. died, leaving Julia Ann to run the farm and raise their children.  Her sons, William (age 11) and James (age 10) must have been a great help to their mother.  In 1861, Julia was able to pay off the farm. She did not stay in Buxton. In 1863, leased out her land and she returned to Ohio. In 1871, she sold a few acres to the Canada Southern Railway.  In 1882, she sold the farm to John Houston.

When Julia moved back to Ohio, she took her younger children with her, Ira Jane (age 10), Ardilda (age 9), and Aaron (age 4).  She likely arranged for William and James to stay and finish school in the settlement.  By 1880, James had joined the family in Toledo, Ohio and was working with his younger brother, Aaron, in a hotel. Son, William married Edie Frances Gray in 1882.  They sold her farm and moved to the United States.