The Jackson Families

(Peter Jackson Family)

Sarah and Peter Jackson came to Buxton in 1857.  They rented land from Benjamin Johnson and lived at Lot 9 on Concession 9. Before they could afford to buy the farm, Peter died in 1860.

Sarah Jackson was born in Canada in 1800. Sarah lived in the United States, where she had met and married Peter. They had two daughters.  In 1840, their oldest daughter Sarah was born in the United States.  The Jackson family moved to Canada before 1845, where their youngest daughter Minerva was born.

There are no records of the Sarah Jackson or daughters in Buxton after 1861. They may have moved to the United States, or they may have married and changed names.


(William Jackson Family)

William and Martha Jackson were born in slaves in Virginia.  William was born in 1816 and Martha was born in 1820. They escaped and went to Pennsylvania. They had two children, Martha Ann and William Andrew, while they lived in the United States.  The Jackson family arrived in Buxton in 1849 and William made a down payment for Lot 10 on Concession 8.  In 1864, William paid off his farm and received his deed. 

William Jackson knew how to read and write.  He was active in his church, serving as the First Trustee, Clerk, and Deacon of the First Baptist Church in Buxton. By 1861, William and Martha’s children had grown-up and moved away from Buxton.  However, they opened their home to two local young people— Charity Richardson, age 22, and Robert Peterson, age 12, lived with them.

Daughter, Martha Ann married John Kersey in 1854. They had twelve children.  Martha and her husband moved to Michigan, but later returned to Canada and settled in the town of Chatham.  Son, William Andrew never married.

After the Civil War, William and Martha moved to Saginaw, Michigan and William worked as a mason.  They kept their farm in Buxton.  Martha died on July 4, 1875 of consumption (tuberculosis). She was 54 years old at the time of her death.

William died in August 1875. He left the farm in Buxton to his son, William Andrew Jackson and his granddaughter, Eva Bell Kersey.