The Jacobs Family

In 1798, George Jacobs was born in the United States and he married Sarah. George and Sarah Jacobs came to Canada in the 1830’s.  They settled in Essex County, where their children Mordecai and Susan were born. In 1850, the Jacobs family moved to Buxton.  George made a down payment on 50 acres at Lot 9 on Concession 9. 

The Jacobs were members of the Baptist Church. Both, Sarah and George died before 1862. Edward Points took over the Jacobs farm in 1862.

Daughter, Susan married William Smith in 1862.  They settled on the east half of Lot 11 on Concession 8. Susan joined the Presbyterian Church and was baptised by Rev. King.  Susan and William Smith had three children: Georgina Sarah, Agnes Louisa, and Peter Blyth.  Susan Jacobs Smith died in 1898.

Son, Mordecai married Christina Moorehead in 1868.  They settled on the west half of Lot 11 on Concession 8. Mordecai and Christina had three children: George Lewis, John Henry, and Catherine Lavina. Mordecai Jacobs died in 1881.