The Johnson Family

Enos Johnson was born free in Indiana in 1801.  He moved to Michigan, where his three sons were born.  The Johnson family moved to Chatham, Canada West and eventually to Buxton. Enos was widowed, when his first wife who was the mother of his sons died.  Enos had three sons: Edward who died in Chatham at age 13, Enos Jr., and Stephen who remained in Michigan. In 1844, Enos married Sarah Nelson, who was also a widow with two children of her own and living in Chatham. 

In 1850, Enos made a down payment for Lot 9 on Concession 8.  However, Enos did not move his family to Buxton until 1851.  His brother, Samuel also came to Buxton with his family, around the same time. The Johnson’s were active in the Buxton community. In 1874, Enos and Sarah Johnson donated land to create the village of North Buxton and became some of its first residents. The Johnson’s also donated land for the churches and cemetery. Enos died in 1875.

Sarah’s daughter, Elizabeth Nelson, had three sons. She married William Garel; many of her descendants still live in Buxton.