The Jones Family

(Richard Jones Family)

In 1852, Richard and Emily Jones moved to Buxton from Terre Haute, Indiana with their children. Richard was born in Tennessee in 1810 and Emily was born in Kentucky in 1820. Emily and Richard were married in Indiana in 1841, where they had owned a farm. By 1850, they had four children: John, Eliza, Philip, and James. 

Richard knew how to read and write.  The Jones family probably came to Buxton, because it was safer for them here and the children could get a good education. Richard made a down payment for Lot 11 on Concession 9 in 1852, within a year he had paid the 31 pounds 5 shillings to pay off his farm.

Richard and Emily had four more children after coming to Buxton - Martha, Peter, Sarah, and Zachariah.  In 1863, Richard Jones died. Emily and her children stayed on the farm. Oldest son, John married Mary Fields in 1866 and settled at Lot 10 on Concession 9 (next door to his mother).  Son, Peter became ill and died in 1871.  James did his best to help his mother, but floods destroyed their crops.  In 1872, Emily and James borrowed money from Samuel Burfoot to run the farm. They were not able to repay the loan and Mr. Burfoot took over the farm.  Sam Burfoot sold the farm to Charles Anderson. Emily and her children moved away from Buxton.

Enos son, Enos Jr. returned to the United States.  He lived in Kentucky before settling in Detroit, Michigan.  He married a woman named Ellen and worked as a cook. In 1869, Enos Jr. and Ellen had a daughter. Enos Jr. inherited land from his father, which he sold to James Dillon. Son, Stephen was still living at the time of his father’s death and inherited $400.00.