The King Family

(Jacob King Family)

Jacob King was born a slave in Virginia in 1820.  In 1843, Rev. William King purchased Jacob in Louisiana. Jacob married Eliza, who was also a slave. They had a daughter, Amelia.  Rev. King gave all his slaves their freedom and brought them to Canada in 1849. Jacob, Eliza, and Amelia made a new life for themselves in Buxton.  Sadly, Eliza and Amelia died a few years after settling in Buxton.

In 1855, Jacob married Alice Lawson.  Alice was a widow with a seven-year-old son named James. After the Civil War, Jacob and Alice sold their farm and moved to Michigan. Alice King died in Michigan in 1883, and Jacob died a few years later.

Two other young men, with the last name of ‘King’ came to Canada with Rev. King, Solomon and Cornelius. In 1861, Solomon King lived with Robert Phares, who had been a slave of Rev. King.  Solomon enlisted in the Union Army and fought in the Civil War. After the war, Solomon settled in South Carolina, married and had five children. Solomon died in July 1880.

In 1861, Cornelius King lived with Fanny and Luke Fraser. Cornelius also fought in the Civil War to end slavery. Cornelius died of yellow fever in Louisiana as the war was ending in 1865. In 1879, Jacob filed a request for Cornelius’ war pension stating he was Cornelius’ father.