The Malone Family

Isaac Malone was born in 1808 and his wife Maria Sweeney was born in 1831. They came to Canada around 1845 and it is likely they were runaway slaves. There is no record of where they came from, however all their children were born in Canada. Isaac and Maria Malone arrived in Buxton in 1853 and settled at Lot 11 on Concession 10. Like so many, Isaac and Maria Malone had no money and could not afford to put a down payment on a farm, but they were determined to make a new life for themselves. They settled on a lot owned by a man named Henry Phelps and cleared their plot and built their cabin. As was common in those days, the Isaac Malone leased land and paid rent to Henry Phelps. Isaac and Maria had eight children: Robert, Elmira, Mahala, Susan, Malseny, Isaac Jr., Zemenia, and George. The six youngest children were all born in Buxton.

In 1861, Robert was 14 years old and going to school. Zemenia was born that same year and Elmira (age 12), being the oldest girl stayed home to help her mother take care of the little ones. The other children Mahala (age 9), Susan (age 7), Malseny (age 4), and Isaac Jr. (age 2) stayed home to help with chores.  George was born three years later in 1864.

By 1869, Maria was a widow. The Malone family had saved enough money to buy their farm.  She had lost some of her children. Zemenia died in 1865 and the other children had moved away. Only Elmira and George remained at home on the farm with her.

Daughter, Elmira married William Moore, a widower from Raleigh, and had six children. Son, George married Agnes Smith of Chatham in 1886 and took over the farm where he was born. He and his wife raised their children in Buxton and were active members of the community. Descendants of Isaac and Maria Malone still live in the area.