The Phares Family

Robert Phares was born a slave in 1810, in Louisiana. He was one of the original 15 slaves who came to Buxton in 1849 with Rev. William King.  In Buxton, Robert settled at Lot 9 on Concession 10.  Robert and Rev. King became good friends.

In 1861, Robert was still single. Solomon King lived with him, helping him with farm chores, and clearing the land.

In 1866, Robert Phares married Fanny Fraser.  Fanny was the widow of Luke Fraser, and she was one of the original slaves of William King. Fanny had had six children when she was a slave; somehow, they were separated from her. After slavery ended, Fanny placed an ad in a newspaper to find her children.  Robert and Fanny did not have any children together.  In 1869, Fanny died and was buried in South Buxton Cemetery.

After Fanny died, Robert married Barbara Freeman, a widow with seven children. Barbara’s three oldest children (Mary Ann, Edith, and Chris) were grown up when she married Robert.  Robert helped Barbara raise her youngest four children (Isaac, Joshua, Caleb, and James) and they took Phares as their last name. 

Barbara Phares died in Buxton in 1890. In 1894, Robert moved into a nursing home in Chatham. In 1898, Robert died in Chatham.  Robert’s body was brought back to Buxton to be buried in the South Buxton Cemetery.