The Poindexter Family

John Thomas and Job Poindexter were brothers. They were fugitives from slavery in Kentucky. They had been slaves on a large plantation owned by the Poindexter family.

After they made their escape, they came to Canada, arriving in Windsor. Job and his wife Lavinia had stopped in Ohio for a time before they traveled on to Canada.  Once in Canada, Job and Lavinia went on to the Buxton Settlement, while John remained in Windsor.

One day slave catchers arrived in Windsor seeking the Poindexter brothers. Although, they were under British protection, and the law prohibited their return to slavery, John on hearing of this danger immediately changed his name to John Thomas because he feared recapture. Job had gone on to the Elgin Settlement where he purchased land on the 5th Concession in 1861. He knew nothing of his brother's fears and retained the Poindexter name. John remained in Windsor.