The Points Family

James Edward Points was born in Kentucky in 1826; he was the son of Peter and Jemima Points. In 1850, he escaped from Kentucky and made his way up to Ohio where he worked as a hostler. Some members of the Points family had already moved to Essex County, Canada West. In 1852, James moved to the Buxton Settlement.  He made a down payment for Lot 12 on Concession 10, next door to Henry Colbert.

In 1866, James married Mary Elizabeth Turner, of Dover Township. James and Elizabeth had one son, Charles Henry, who was born in Buxton in 1867.  Elizabeth died a few years later.  James and Charles moved to Dover Township.  Elizabeth’s parents, Daniel and Rebecca Turner, helped him to take care of his little boy.

James married Eliza Jane Lewis in 1871, when she was eighteen years old.  Eliza was the daughter of Nathan and Jane Lewis. James and Eliza had nine children: John, James, Rebecca, Adelaide, Caroline, William, Augustus, Maggie, and Bertie. In 1872, James sold half of his farm in Buxton to Robert Black.  James bought a farm on the Fifth Concession in Dover Twp. In 1876, he sold the other half to Robert Black’s sister and her husband. James Points died of heart disease in 1900.  Eliza Jane died of consumption in 1905.

Oldest son, Charles Henry married Charlotte Montgomery in 1888 and had a son Charles in 1891. Another son, James Wesley died in 1924. He had never married; his brother William claimed his body for burial.