The Richardson Family

Benjamin Richardson was born in Virginia in 1804.  In the 1840’s, he ran away and escaped to Upper Canada (Ontario). Benjamin settled in Oxford County where he met and married Margaret Moore in 1848.  Margaret was born in Lower Canada (Quebec) in 1814.  Her son William Moore was born in Hamilton, Canada West in 1847. Benjamin and Margaret Richardson moved to Buxton in 1850 and made a down payment for Lot 11 on Concession 9.

By 1861, Benjamin and Margaret lived in their cabin with much of their farm cleared and planted with crops. William was 14 years old and going to school. In 1864, William married Sarah Ann Emmanuel. They had six children. Even after his marriage, William stayed close to his parents and after his mother’s death; William took care of his stepfather, Benjamin. Margaret died in 1869 and is buried in the cemetery in North Buxton.  Benjamin Richardson died in 1876 of heart disease.  Benjamin left his house and half of his farm to William and the other half of the farm to his cousin James Williams. Sarah died in 1877.

William remarried Elmira Malone. William and Elmira had six children.  Elmira’s mother Maria Malone lived with them. William Moore died in 1939 and Elmira died in 1937. Both are buried in the North Buxton cemetery. Many of their descendants still live in this area.