The Smith Family

Archibald Smith was born free in Ohio in 1816.  Susan Jackson was born in Canada in 1829. They were married in Detroit, Michigan in 1844.  The Smith family lived in Detroit, Michigan.  Archie worked as a barber and Susan was a homemaker, taking care of their home and children. They had six children that were born in Detroit: Edith Adeline, Frances Electa, Emily, John, Melinda Olivia, and Emmer. 

The Smith family moved to Buxton in 1859.  Archie bought 20 acres of land at Lot 9 on Concession 8, where he farmed and set up his barbershop. Their family grew after coming to Buxton; William Alfred was born in 1859, followed by Octavius in 1860, and Andrew in 1864.  Only four of the Smith children lived to be old enough to get married and have children of their own.

Archie and Susan’s daughter, Adeline, married a young widower with two children, named Hiram Vick. Hiram’s wife had died and Adeline took care of his two children, Augustus and John.  After their marriage, Adeline and Hiram moved to Detroit, Michigan. They had a son that they named, William. 

Son, Octavius also went to Detroit and he stayed with his sister and her family for a few months. Octavius returned to Buxton and married Sacha Scott. They had a son who lived for only a few months and Sacha died shortly after. Octavius returned to Detroit.

Archie and Susan had two children that stayed in Buxton.  Their daughter, Emmer Marseline, married Joseph Robbins in Buxton and they had seven children.  Their son, Andrew married Arania Rouse and they had three children.

Archie and Susan stayed in Buxton for the rest of their lives. Susan died in 1898. Descendants of Archie and Susan Smith still live in the Buxton area.