The Spriggs Family

William Spriggs was born in the United States around 1782 and his wife Lucy was born in Scotland around 1786. When William moved to Upper Canada, he settled at Niagara-on-the-lake.

William and Lucy Spriggs were elderly when they moved to Buxton in 1850, but that did not stop them from buying a farm of their own. On January 17, 1850, William made a down payment for Lot 9 on Concession 9.  With the help of friends and neighbours, William and Lucy cleared their land and built their cabin.  In 1860, the Spriggs finished paying for their land and received the deed.

There are no records of any children coming to Buxton with them, but then again, their children would have been all grown up with families of their own by the time William and Lucy arrived.

In October 1861, William Spriggs sold his farm to Samuel Anthony. There are no records of William and Lucy after 1862.