The Stone Family

Thomas Stone was born in 1818 in Virginia.  He came to Upper Canada in the 1840’s. Nancy Armonds was born in Canada in 1830. Thomas and Nancy married around 1847.  The Stone family moved to Buxton in 1851.  Thomas bought land at Lot 10 on Concession 9.  Only two years later, Thomas made his last payment for his land and received the deed. 

Thomas Stone was an educated man. He could read and write.  Many of his friends and neighbours asked his help with letters and Thomas signed as a witness on several local deeds and wills.

Thomas and Nancy had a large family of eleven children: William, Mary Jane, Melinda, Wellington, Elizabeth, Martha, Lucinda, Sarah, Frances, Maria, and Eliza. The ten youngest children were all born in Buxton. 

Daughter, Mary Jane married Henry Simpson and they moved to Cleveland, Ohio.  Daughter, Melinda married George Toyer and they had four children. Daughter, Elizabeth married John Robbins and they had sixteen children! Daughter, Sarah married Joseph Johnson in 1880; she became ill and died in 1881.  Daughter, Lucinda married Alex Tann.  Daughter, Frances married William Small in 1878 and they had one son.  Daughter, Maria married William Kersey in 1884 and they had two children.

Son, Wellington never married.  He made his living farming with his father and he ran the farm after Thomas died. Thomas Stone died in Buxton in 1901. After his death, Nancy moved to Cleveland, Ohio to live with her daughter, Mary Jane.  Wellington died in Buxton in 1906. Nancy Stone sold their farm in Buxton in 1907 and returned to Ohio. Descendants of the Stone family still live in Buxton.