The Anthony Family

             Samuel and Rhoda Anthony came to Buxton in 1859 from the Niagara area.  Samuel was born in Pennsylvania in 1800 and his wife Rhoda, was born in Connecticut in 1811.  They had one daughter, Selina, and she was born in Canada.  Selina was 14 years old when they moved to Buxton.

In 1861, Samuel and Rhoda bought land at Lot 9 on Concession 9, and they farmed their land.

Selina married Abram W. Shadd who came to Buxton from Pennsylvania with his parents, Abraham D. & Harriet Shadd. Abram fought in the war to end slavery. He left the war and came back to Buxton to marry Selina. Then Abram went back to the war. Selina was a teacher in Buxton. 

After the war, Abram and Selina moved to the United States and Abram became a lawyer.  They had three children. When Abram died, Selina and her children stayed in the United States and Selina worked as a school teacher. 

Selina’s parents Samuel and Rhoda Anthony lived in Buxton for the rest of their lives.  Samuel and Rhoda Anthony died in Buxton, one day apart, in November 1883.