The Cromwell Family

Realising that their lives were not going to change staying in the revolting Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution, the patriarch of the family decided to flee under the protection of the British Empire. Becoming United Empire Loyalists, the Cromwell family found a new life under the British protection. After the family pledged their oath of allegiance, they were granted their freedom and given transportation to their new home on the boat called “the Joseph” Settling as Black Loyalists, the family lived in Southville, Nova Scotia.  Joseph Cromwell, the grandson of the man who fled slavery in South Carolina was born in Weymouth, Nova Scotia. Joseph and his wife Celia left the security of Southville and travelled along the Underground Railroad through the United States in attempts to resettle in an area known as Queens Bush in Peel County. They eventually moved on to Harwich Township, where the Cromwell family lived as Black Pioneers.

A few of Joseph’s children relocated to the Buxton Settlement, marrying into Buxton families. Descendents of the Cromwell family still reside Buxton today.