The Hatter Family

George Hatter was born on a slave plantation in Virginia in the year 1818. Although, it was illegal for a slave to be taught to read, during his childhood, George’s mistress taught him to read. After an unsuccessful attempt at freedom, George was taken from his position as a house slave, and put in the field to work. This did not change his determination to be free.

Once again George attempted to escape, but this time he had the companionship of his brother, Franklin, on his journey to freedom. The Hatter brothers travelled as far as Pennsylvania and were greeted by a Quaker couple that led them on the Underground Railroad. George and his brother made their way to Niagara on the Lake, where he met his wife and his children were all born.

George, his wife Mary Baker, and their children relocated to the Buxton Settlement in 1850, where he became a successful farmer. After Mary’s death, George remarried Nancy Euphemia Wilson, who gained the reputation of being a witch because of some unusual occurrences when she was present.

Descendents of George Hatter and his wife Mary, still reside in the Buxton Settlement.