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The Founder of Elgin Settlement

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"
Mark 8:36

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1812 >

Born and raised in Londonderry, Ireland

  Ireland Map
1830 >

Enrolled in Glasgow University

Sir Thomas Buxton

Glasgow University
1833 >

Moved to North America

  King Farm In Ohio
1836 >

Accepted a teaching position and moved south

  Rector Papers
1841 >

Married Mary Phares and becomes a slaveowener

  Bed carved by slaves
1843 >

Became a father


1844 >

Enrolled at Edinburgh University to become a Minister

Frederick Douglass

1846 >

Loses his family

Rev. Thomas Chalmers  
1848 >

Settled his Louisiana estate

Dr. David Phares  
1848 >

Frees his slaves

  King's Slaves
1849 >

Creation of the Elgin Association

George Brown
1849 >

Elgin Settlement beginnings



1850 >

Encountered financial difficulties

Liberty Bell
1851 >

Appointed Trustee of the Chatham Collegiate Institute

Dr. Thomas Cross  
1853 >

Influenced Buxton society

1853 >

Married Jemima Nichole Baxter, daughter of Rev. David Baxter of Roxoborough Shire, Scotland.

  King Household Items
1856 >

Inspired a book character of Harriet Beecher Stowe

Dred: A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp

1856-8 >

Hosted notable visitors and gave tours of the settlement

Horace Greeley

Henry Christy

5th Earl Spencer

1859 >

Fund-raising trip to the British Isles

The Anti Slavery Reporter by the British & Foreign Anti-slavery Society

Dr. Martin Delany

Donation Flyer

Donation Letter

Will of Barbara Donaldson

1861-5 >

Civil War Insights

Samuel Gridley Howe The Refugees From Slavery in Canada West
1865 >

Hopes for a new Buxton in the south

1873 >

Dissolution of Elgin Association and a vacation abroad

Archibald McKellar

Elgin Association Receipt

Anchor Line Passenger List

1880 >

King Retires

  King at Clayton House, Buxton, ON
1887 >

Jemima King dies and King moves to Chatham

1892 >

Wrote his autobiography

  Autobiography of Rev. William King
1893 >

Wrote the King Family History

  King Family History
1895 >

January 7, 1895
Rev. King died in his home

2005 >

Rev. Wm. King Designated as a National Historic Person


William King could have lived a life of ease in the opulent antebellum South, but he was a man who dared to stand by his convictions.

He made his home among the oppressed and opened doors for those who had been victims of the most vicious racial cruelty.

His story is one of passion, courage, faith, and determination.




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