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So They Say ……………………..

Victor Ullman in his “Look To The North Star” presents the following information about the life of Ann Maria Weems in freedom.

(from page 158)
“She reached Philadelphia as the “son” of a free Negro who had the necessary papers. There she was offered a home and adoption in a free Negro family, but stubbornly refused. She had heard about Canada where she would not have to hide from the slave hunters. By avoiding the usual routes, she reached the Buffalo, New York Underground Station and that is where King met her, having been notified of this special problem. While the whites of the Underground created a diversion at the bridge, King and Anna walked across into Canada. Anna was adopted by the Joseph Laisons on the 10th Concession and she met the Hooper boy, from the 8th Concession, in the school.……. Young Hooper courted her, like any swain would, and they did not “jump over the Massa’s broomstick” but were married with all the pomp adopted by the families who venerated the ceremony because they had been deprived of it. They took up land in Dresden and their descendants are all over Canada.”

(from page 157)
……That is why he (Rev. King) was so happy when he married Anna Maria Weems and Alfred Hooper, and then baptized their children.

Although, Ullman writes of Anna Maria living in Buxton, we at the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum have not yet found the documentation for his story. weems







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