21975 A.D. Shadd Road
North Buxton, ON N0P1Y0
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What is... Homecoming?

A celebration of family, friends and heritage...

Homecoming in Buxton is a special time and for many an emotional experience, a reminder of the injustices endured and the struggles to overcome them. Our unique history has touched the lives of many African Canadians and Americans. Many courageous people made the perilous journey of the Underground Railroad to acquire freedom, an education, and build a future for themselves and their descendants. The Buxton Settlement became home for approximately 2,000 people of African descent, many of whom returned to the United States and held positions of prominence because of the opportunities they had while in Buxton.

The first Homecoming was initiated by the Sunshine Club of the British Methodist Episcopal Church and was held on Labour Day 1924 in the pasture fields of Reginald & Minnie Robbins. This event was intended to draw those former residents who relocated to various parts of Canada and the United States for a return visit to this community. Descendants of former slaves have made this weekend comparable to a pilgrimage "home" where memories are rekindled, ties and acquaintances are renewed. That one-day event has evolved to a full four-day celebration where people celebrate their heritage through music, conferences, and a variety of activities in the community. The entire community of North Buxton works to host a holiday weekend that will appeal and engage people of all ages.

Enjoy the hospitality and heritage of North Buxton...

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