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21975 A.D. Shadd Road
North Buxton, ON N0P1Y0
phone: 519-352-4799
email: buxtonhistoricalmuseum@gmail.com

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Updated January 2024 by Lori Gardner


We are available to help you research your Buxton roots!

Option 1:Visit us at the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum.  If you can make a personal visit to the Archives, you can search through our resources yourself or with the assistance of our staff.

Important! If you are coming from a distance please call (519-352-4799) or email to ensure that staff is not engaged with a pre-arranged tour.

Option 2: Hire us to do assist with your research needs.  For those who live far away or are otherwise engaged during hours of operation. For a modest fee, our staff/volunteeers will do the work for you.

The Buxton Historical Society charges $25 per hour.


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