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21975 A.D. Shadd Road
North Buxton, ON N0P1Y0
phone: 519-352-4799
email: buxtonhistoricalmuseum@gmail.com

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Updated January 2024 by Lori Gardner

Ensuring Yesterday has a Tomorrow

The Buxton Historical Society, as custodians of the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, relies heavily on donations and grants to preserve and improve the museum grounds. The museum board strives to present the inspirational history of the Elgin Settlement (Buxton), which played such an important role in North American history to an international audience.

Without the generosity of our supporters, the museum board would hard pressed to maintain the high quality and innovative programs, which truly are a legacy of North Buxton. Whether supporting through a One-Time Donation or Planned Giving, the quality programs at The Buxton Historical Society are made possible through the generosity and commitment of people like you.

One-Time Donation

The Society cannot maintain the programmes and Archive collection without continued support from our Society members as well as the general public. Even a few dollars will help and, as a non-profit organisation and registered charity, the Buxton Historical Society can issue receipts for income tax purposes.

It's easy to make a one-time donation of any amount with the following options:

  • Visit us at The Buxton National Historic Site & Museum and make your donation by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.
  • Mail a cheque, payable to The Buxton Historical Society, 21975 A. D. Shadd Rd., North Buxton, ON  N0P1Y0
  • Phone (519-352-4799) or email.
  • Use the secure Donation Button below to make your contribution.

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Note: In all cases a receipt, for tax purposes, will be forwarded after processing.

We are grateful to everyone who donates
their finances, resources, or energy
to help improve our little corner of the world!

 Planned Giving Donations

Planned Giving includes Bequests through your will, gifts of marketable Securities, gifts of Life Insurance and Charitable Remainder Trusts. A planned gift to the Buxton Historical Society helps to ensure the future of our programs and services.

As a donor, a planned gift allows you to perpetuate your belief that there is a story to be told, a lesson to be learned and a commitment to community to be shared. At the same time, you will realize tax savings either now or in the future, depending on which option you may select.

This type of gift usually requires the assistance of a lawyer to ensure you understand the impacts of your decision and that all legal documents are properly in place.

Planned Charitable Gifts:

Bequest - a gift made through your will; such as a specific piece of property, a specific sum of money, or a percentage of your estate.

Your Benefits - Planned today, a bequest is not paid to the Buxton Historical Society until after you pass away. By carefully planning your bequest, you may eliminate all the taxes payable on death. Your executor can claim bequests up to 100% of the net income on your final two tax returns.

Securities - the least expensive way to make a gift of appreciated, publicly-listed securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual fund units.

Your Benefits - You receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of your donation and taxable capital gains are reduced a further 50%. You will receive the satisfaction of contributing a significant gift that will both benefit and support future generations at a reduced cost to you. Securities are tax-effective when given today or in the future through a bequest.

Life Insurance - you can give a new policy, an existing policy or simply name The Buxton Historical Society as the beneficiary.volunteer-JC-BP

Your Benefits - A planned gift of life insurance can either save you tax dollars today, meaning immediate tax relief, or your estate can receive a tax credit for the face value of your policy. Payments of small premiums today can provide a significant contribution towards the future of Society programs.

Charitable Remainder Trust - enables you to give today and create immediate tax savings as you retain the income or continue to make use of the donated asset.

Your Benefits - Charitable remainder trusts are powerful planning tools for people over age 65 who have made, or are planning to make a charitable bequest. You receive an immediate tax receipt for the present value of the donated asset and annual income from the assets in trust.

Designating Your Gift

Each donation to The Buxton Historical Society is deeply appreciated and will have a direct and long-term impact on the Society. An unrestricted gift provides the flexibility to allow The Buxton Historical Society to better meet the needs and challenges of an unpredictable future.

However, Donors may choose to direct their contribution to benefit a specific area, such as:

  • Sustainable Operations Funding
  • Educational programming
  • The Archives
  • Web-based initiatives


Thank you for considering The Buxton Historical Society with a planned gift. Should you decide to make a future gift to the Society through your Will, we would appreciate notification of the same. It is our goal to ensure that all future gifts to the Society are handled according to the wishes of the donor. This goal requires us to maintain accurate permanent records of our correspondence with future donors.

As a registered charity, the Buxton Historical Society can accept donations and issue receipts for income tax purposes. In return for your gift, we will include you in our list of supporters that appears in the Annual Report. To ensure that your Will, or any codicil to it, is valid and takes full advantage of current legislation, please consult your lawyer or financial advisor.

 If you have any questions or wish to discuss a personal donation, please do not hesitate to contact our Curator, Michelle Robbins via phone (519-352-4799) or email.

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