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In the long-standing tradition of Buxton academic excellence, the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum is pleased to offer these exciting educational lessons!

PRIMARY: Follow the Underground Railroad Lessons

Baby Steps to Freedom

The Community that Hope Built

PRIMARY: Day in an Early African Canadian Settlement

African Canadian Settlements

Life in the Buxton Settlement

Life of a Child in the Buxton Settlement

JUNIOR: Follow the Underground Railroad Lessons

Many Roads to Buxton

John's Story

JUNIOR: Drama in the Buxton School House

Dance, Dance, Dance

Freedom Songs

Escape to Freedom

Roads to Buxton

INTERMEDIATE: Voice of Freedom

Institution of Slavery

Underground Railroad

Abolitionist Movement

INTERMEDIATE: Digging For Roots

Revised with appreciation for the generous support of the
Department of Canadian Heritage
Museums Assistance Program

Educational programs meet curriculum expectations at a variety of levels and themes.

Class visiting Buxton

It is important to the Buxton Historical Society for students of all ethnicities to emerge from our studies with a sense of pride in their heritage. As well, gain a better understanding of the roots of racial prejudices still evident today, along with a sense of pride in the progress that has been made since the era of the Underground Railroad, in eradicating those prejudices from our society.

Due to the emotional nature of this subject, great care has been given to present accurate material in an age appropriate manner.

Young Scholars who have the good fortune to visit the museum will...

... participate in the museum school programs and have the unique opportunity to take on the persona of a real historical figure. They will travel through time to attend a period classroom (built by former slaves in 1861) for old-time lessons taught by museum staff or do chores in the cabin (built by former slaves in 1852). Students will experience history firsthand with the descendents of those who made the perilous journey on the Underground Railroad in a learning adventure at the Buxton Museum!

Visitors to the Buxton Site also have access to the playground equipment, basketball court, ball diamond, picnic area, as well as the historic school, church, log cabin, cemetery, museum and hands-on artifacts.

Visits by Museum Staff to your classroom can be arranged!

A fee will be charged for the visit. The school must also pay the travel expenses for the Museum staff person to visit your school. Staff will arrive in period appropriate costume, and do an historic portrayal or story telling. They will provide answers to your students' questions. Some artifacts pertaining to slavery and the Underground Railroad will be brought as well.

It's time for you to make Buxton
your "next stop on the Underground Railroad"
to enjoy the hospitality and heritage of the community!
Prepare to be inspired...


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