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Glashan School Supporters
by Spencer Alexander

The staff of the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum and the members of the Buxton Historical Society would like to thank and publicly acknowledge the past and continued support of Glashan Intermediate School in Ottawa, Ontario.

For the past six years the students of Glashan School have presented plays dealing with Black History during the month of February and donated the proceeds from their play to the Buxton Museum.


Last year they presented the play "A Proud Canadian Family", the story of the arrival of the Black Loyalist in Nova Scotia. Their cast included over 60 students, a 28 member choir, stage and technical crews. In total, over 100 students were involved in the production. The Ottawa community greatly enjoyed the performances and enthusiastically supported their cause.

The staff of Glashan School should be very proud of the efforts and accomplishments of their students. The generous donations from the students of Glashan School have helped in the restoration of the Colbert/Henderson Log Cabin, the making of the replica of the Buxton Liberty Bell and other projects of the museum.

The students of Glashan School have come to be considered extended family of the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum.

Once again we thank the students and staff of Glashan School
for their past and continued support!

“To be ignorant of the events of the past,  is to remain always a child.
For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into lives of our ancestors, through the records of history.”

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